Symptoms of studying architecture (or being an architect)

I just got that by email :)

1. You know what glue and balsa taste like.
You had some clothes cut while making a model : )
2. You are asked all the time “and what about this facade?”
3. You have totally changed your vocabulary
4. You can’t understand people who can spend less than 10 minutes in a library.
5. You hate the fact that your parents tell you “go to sleep!!”, “anyway, if you don’t manage to finish, go to bed!!” and even the question “do you have much left to finish?” can irritate you.
6. You are tired of people saying to you “I wanted to be an architect; it was my dream, but...”
7. Your friends who study different things don’t have the same opinion about obligations as you do, always say “do it before the lecture” or “ask it from someone” or even worse “don’t do it”.
8. You have slept more than 20 hours continually in one weekend
9. You can talk with confidence on the containing amount of caffeine in various beverages, as well as on their effectiveness.
10. No matter how much you have tried to do your best project, there will always be someone who will tell you “however don’t put this here and change that” or “you are in a good way, but you are still missing many things....”
11. You have listened to all your CDs and MP3s in less than 48 hours.
12. You haven’t appeared in public without black circles below your eyes.
13. When they suggest going out, then the next question always is “or do you have a project to work on?”
14. You are capable of using anything when building a model.
15. You have danced to “macarena” with chorography at 4 o’ clock in the morning without having had any alcohol at all.
16. You are continuously trying to explain to your professors, of courses which are not about design, why you haven’t completed your exercises.
17. You have more pictures of landscapes and design related objects than of your family...
18. Someone has once told you “your faculty is very relaxing” or “your university is not very difficult” ... and you wanted to kill him.
19. Your worst fears are related to not finishing or not successfully completing a project.
20. You can live without human contact, food or sunlight, but you cannot do without a plotter... it would be a disaster!
21. It is fearful for your parents to use words such as “cute” or “ugly” when you are present.
22. You are not interested in sport cars: a van is the vehicle that can transport larger building models!!
23. You design impressive buildings without having any idea about their cost.
24. You manage to sleep in every place, on keyboards, bags, your classmates, on the floor...
25. Every time you learn a new computer program you think you are kept up to date, but then you understand that there are at least 1000 more designing programs that you still don’t know how to use.
26. When you finally find the time to go out, your thoughts are “how badly designed can those restrooms in the club be! This is not a very good fire exit! The stairs are not...
27. One of the toothbrushes in your bathroom belongs to your classmate and partner in coursework.
28. Your brother thinks he is an only child.



These days, a satellite in orbit can encircle the earth in ninety minutes. Space becomes a sort of time, an experience measured in time terms. We are not talking about distance, but about duration. Space implodes with the acceleration of transport machines. In addition, real space is left void; we live in the virtual space of tele-transmission. We do not live just on streets and in houses anymore, but also in cables, waves and webs. We are tele-present in the absence of space. Wherever we are, we are absent and where we are not, we are omnipresent.
The immaterial space of telecommunication, the immaterial virtual space of the digital era, is not only a space of absence, a space that is missing, but also a new space of presence, of tele-presence, a new space situated beyond physical experience, spaces that have become experimental though the use of telematic machines and invisible time spaces. The radar is the best example to show how the collapsing of real space and the end of time are not the only effects of absence and lack , but also develop something productive and new.
In this way, the radar is the instrument with which we are able to move around the middle fog, in an “annulled space” allowing mathematical orientation in a black and empty space. In this way we do not loose anything, just the opposite, there is something we gain: virtual space is the space of absence, the space that is invisible and shaped only through mathematics. In other words, the space provided by the radar is a virtual space that does not belong to the conventional historical world.
More than ever, we move around in a multispace of telecommunications that is gradually substituting real space. As in the case f absence in relation to real space, it is not only substituted by it , but also enriched by it, and in the same way, the era of absence means an enrichment, a transformation of the historical ways of appropriation of time and space, of body and experience.




Designers Republic

Grafistes ap tous kalous + site just the way I like it..
Check onomatakia gia ta opoia exoun kanei douleies... Nomizw oti twra mporw na skasw ap to kako mou eleuthera.





Bande à part

1. The Killing Moon
2. Ever Fallen In Love
3. Dance With Me
4. Don't Go
5. Dancing With Myself
6. Heart Of Glass
7. O Pamela
8. Blue Monday
9. Human Fly
10. Bela Lugosi's Dead
11. Escape Myself
12. Let Me Go
13. Fade To Grey
14. Waves
15. Sweet And Tender Hooligan
16. Shack Up
17. Israel
18. Eisbor




sero loves you v.2



-Mana tha paw sthn Athina na parousiasw.
-Oxi,oxi paidi mou mh feugeis pws tha kouvalhseis th maketa?
-Mana prepei na paw.. tha me deirei h Lina..
-(bouhouhouuuuuuhh)Pou tha passss m ayto to pragma oute taxi de tha se pairnei!!
-To kserw mana tha parw fortotaxi..

...parousiasan kai zhsan oloi kala ki emeis kalytera, afou htan kai h teleutaia fora pou eidan sta matia tous th Lina...


An O.S.T.

1. Esma Redzepova - Chaje Shukarije
2. Fanfare Ciocarlia - Born To Be Wild
3. Borat - Dialogue 1
4. Kocani Orkestar - Siki, Siki Baba
5. Jony Lliev & Band - Gypsy's Kolo
6. Borat - Dialogue 2
7. Stefan De La Barbulesti - Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag
8. Sacha Baron Cohen And Anthony Hines - In My Country There Is Problem (Throw The Jew Down The Well)
9. Erran Baron Cohen - Grooming Pubis
10. O.M.F.O. - Magic Mamaliga
11. Borat - Dialogue 3
12. O.M.F.O. - Money Boney
13. Sacha Baron Cohen With Erran Baron Cohen - You Be My Wife
14. Goran Bregovic - Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci)
15. Borat - Dialogue 4
16. Mahala Rai Banda Vs. Shantel - Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub)
17. Borat - Dialogue 5
18. Erran Baron Cohen - O Kazakhstan

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Telika to na pas sthn Poleodomia gia adeia einai sa na pas ston kathighth sou na sou diorthwsei sxedia. Me th monh diafora oti sthn Poleodomia aisthanesai apeirws pio hlithios.